Welcome to Yombo Projects

These pages contain road maps and issue tracking for various components of the Yombo system. User documentation and module development documentation is contained at Yombo.net .

Currently, the majority of projects and details are hidden until the private beta has been completed.

The following projects and links will help you get started:
  • Yombo Gateway - See feature requests and road maps. Setup documentation is also available.
  • API - Developers and users can use API.Yombo.Net to interact with the Yombo infrastructure.
  • Develop Modules - Easily create modules to extend the capabilities of the Yombo Gateway Framework. End users can create more advanced automation rules. See Building your first module to get started in no time.

Latest projects

  • Yombo Gateway (07/05/2012 10:10 AM)

    Yombo Gateway automation software support area.

    View or submit issues, or checkout the roadmap for features in queue to be implemented.

    See the gateway documentation for getting started or configuring a gateway.

  • Yombo (06/21/2012 06:41 PM)

    Welcome to Yombo Projects! This site providers a deeper dive into Yombo and it's associated components. Need to submit a ticket? Looking for the Forums ? Or want a deeper dive into the Yombo Gateway?...

  • Modules (05/18/2012 11:16 AM)

    Modules are what allows the Yombo Python Gateway software to control devices. Modules provide the means to control various devices.

    This area is primarily for module developers or those who want create their own custom modules to solve their personal automation needs. Modules are a great way to create advanced automation logic. Users can share their modules for others to use all well. See the wiki page to get started....

  • API (07/17/2011 09:03 AM)

    API (Application Programming Interface) allows for full configuration, setup, and control of a Yombo Gateway. The API is about 50% complete, documentation is still being written.

    See the API Documentation to get started or a list of resource URLs....